#VinodBloggersMeet – A Sneak Peak

 India’s first revolutionary brand Vinod Cookware took a step forward to collaborate with Food bloggers/chef and held an event “#VinodBloggersMeet” on Sunday  7th June 2014 at OutoftheBlue Restaurant.

A glimpse of OutoftheBlue Restaurant


The meet was planned in association with FBAI (Food Bloggers Association of India -a well-known community of people who eat, drink and sleep food – out of the box Food lovers) Various famous chefs and top-notch bloggers were invited to this event through a special invitee. Here’s the snapshot of the invitee

 June - BloggersMeet

The Objective behind the Meet was to introduce the brand and its exclusive innovative cookware range. The event was aimed to engage bloggers with first-hand, end-to-end experience with Vinod cookware as a Brand and to get detailed Know-how of VinodCookware products.

Event started with greets and meets welcoming the 40 bloggers with hi-teas. Then the bloggers were briefed on various aspects of the Brand and its exclusive products that were buzzing in the market setting off a new trend (such as bottom sandwich, 3 three non-stick cookware, and health-centric inducto range).

Glimpses of the setup of the cookware range

cookware range


The Bloggers were given a quick but detailed overview on Vinod Cookware’s history and how it became the India’s first revolutionary cookware brand. It also include showcasing of the exclusively product range highlighting its key features. The products were passed on to each bloggers to have hands-on and take pictures of the product range.

Demonstration of the product explaining the features


A quick rapid fire questionnaire session was conducted where bloggers asked the question on brand and the products that were showcased. An interesting and surprised quiz was setup where bloggers were asked to answers the questions that were based on Food. Bloggers participated actively and were happy to engaged and interacted with their neighbouring bloggers. (Glimpse of Demo session, rapid fire question and  quiz


After which the bloggers were asked to go through the brochure and products that were displayed.

Bloggers having hands-on experience of the cookware.

 Along with the quick demo, few of the bloggers with their partners were taking notes, clicking selfies, taking pictures of the venue, products and the whole setup (not to miss taking pictures nearing the sakshi tanwar hoarding or acting like her pose with the products :P).

 Few bloggers who have met in previous events were happy to see each other once again, some other were interacting with new bloggers exchanging their details. Few among them were enjoying their food and the attention they got from the Vinod team.

During the event, few bloggers were busy tweeting about the events updates and posting the pictures clicked (of food and friends)

After the whole demonstration and quiz, Bloggers were served with appetizers, drinks, main course and desserts.  

Varieties of starters served to the bloggers




Lastly, it was a Selfie Time – BIG GROUFIE Time with all the present bloggers and not to foget GOODIES too ! post the event bloggers meet moment was captures in a groufie and were handed goodies from vinod cookware




Not to forget the bloggers do mentioned about the meet during and post the event across all the platforms. It was buzzing aross the social platforms  – you can say it ws flooded with the pictures, post, thank you post, sharing experiences, about the goodies they received from vinod cookware

King Of Fruits Is Here – Mango!


King Of Fruits Is Here – Mango!

mango 3

  • Alphonso: How can a list of India’s best mango varieties ever be justified if alphonso did not top that list? The Alphonso or Haapus as we fondly know of it in Maharashtra is the king of mangoes. Countries import indecent amounts of this mango variety from India. Primarily cultivated in the Konkan region, this mango is also the most expensive fruit you can buy in India. We don’t know about you but we will not accept Aam ras and puri unless it’s an alphonso aam ras and puri.
  • Kesar:Most popular in western India and grown extensively in Gujarat, Kesar is the second most popular mango in the country, also exported in large numbers. They are slightly smaller than the alphonso and have a distinct redness to the skin when ripe.
  • Badami: Badami is an affordable mango, large in size with a healthy yellow skin and very meaty. It’s very popular in the western and souther regions of the nation. However, Badami isn’t as sweet as the alphonso and kesar are.
  • Dasehri:Also called Dasheri, this mango is predominant in northern parts of India. It first made an appearance in the gardens of the Nawab of Lucknow in the 18th century. Uttar Pradesh is a top producer of this mango – Andhra & Telangana also produce the fruit is large numbers and the Dasheri is another top exported item from India.
  • Langra:While the Langra actually originates from Benaras, the Bengalis have made it their own along with most of the neighbouring states of West Bengal. Never get into an alphonso versus langra debate with a Bengali. These mangoes retain their greenish tinge even when they ripen and are among those few mangoes that are still available after it rains, often well into July.
  • Banganapalli: Banganapalli or Banganapalle is the fruit of the town of Banganapalli, which lies in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. It’s a yellowish mango with a meaty texture and we love it because it doesn’t have those weird thready fibres that most mangoes have. Ideal if you don’t want to floss later on.
  • Totapuri:Also known as Bangalora, this is a very popular mango in Bengalooru. But we have seen them selling like hot cakes in Mumbai too and we love these slightly reddish tinged, elongated mangoes. Incidentally, Totapuri mangoes are the parents of two popular mango varieties in Florida, namely Brooks and Anderson (we are trying to not crack a Matrix joke here).
  • Chaunsa: This mango is a Pakistani mango – if you pay heed to the maps of today. But long before those lines were drawn, Chaunsa was simply the mango most popular in the northern parts of our country, including what is now Pakistan. Chaunsa is the mango of choice in the northern parts of India today and is such a delectable, rich and sweet mango that it’s probably the one mango an Alphonso lover can make peace with. And that is saying a lot.
  • Neelam: Neelam mangoes are popular in western and southern India. They are also prevalent in Pakistan. Slightly elongated, maintaining a greenish tinge and also a reddish hue, these mangoes are also the most popular with birds. It’s a miracle human beings can salvage enough for themselves.
  • Sindhura: Sindhura mangoes have a very distinct reddish hue, sometimes speckled with green, and are not very large in size. They dominate the southern parts of the country and are among the first mangoes to arrive in summer – which means they are our starters before we graduate to the main course of Alphonso, Chaunsa, Banganapalli and then Langra!

So go buy mangoes,  you may even see names we have not mentioned in this post! And we are pretty sure we can add ten more names to this list on top but that’s another post for another day!


Summer Calling …..!

With the sun shining bright, it’s time to soothe yourself with the summer delights! Let’s experience the seasons delight that will surely surprise you and add a new variant in your menu 🙂

Starting with the melon king – Watermelon! Did you ever know apart from the monotonous watermelon juice you can savour on other varieties like watermelon feta salad, melon crusher and so on?

This summer experience the coolness of the melons and beat the heat :_

P.S. Now serve melons to your guest as a part of the lunch meal or a cooler for their welcome 🙂

watermelon crusher







Thanda Thanda Nimbu Shikanji is definitely not a miss during summers, it’s a compulsion how about adding a little twist and fuse the nimbu as an international delight?

Now try the lemon mint mojito as your summer drink. Just squeeze few lemons, add mint leaves, sugar syrup and soda. Your mocktail is ready to go 🙂

We are 110% sure you will impress your kids and family members 🙂

mojito 1

Heading to our third delight that includes curd, how about some raita to accompany your lunch? But hang on before you slurp, we are serving you cucumber raita this season. Say bye to your boondi raita and relish on the summer food delights! Now grate some cucumber and mix it well in your curd, garnish it well spices, coriander leaves.

Last but not the least the king of fruits – MANGO. The list will fall short if we go to name the varieties, but right from aam panna to mango cheesecake we truly love each and every dish 🙂

So what’s your favourite aam panna, mango smoothie, ice – cream, cake , tacos?

mango college

Now enjoy your summer vacation with these summer special delights. Stay Tuned for more blog updates and to know more about our activities don’t forget to like us on facebook – http://www/vinodcookware.com and add your valuable comments below 🙂

Till then eat healthy 🙂 stay healthy 🙂

Happy Summers 🙂

Smarter Kitchen with Smarter Moms!

“You are what you eat and when it comes to health, compromise is not an option with Mothers.”

Gone are the days when Health as a concept found place only in your Diet. But let’s Move on to the young generation of Mothers who have understood the needs of the dynamic lifestyle – “Young Moms” who have understood its not just about the food you eat but also the way you cook and most importantly the cookware you cook in.

What has made the dramatic shift to the Healthy Cookware range? Its the hidden health dangers lurking in your kitchen—and it’s not the germy sponges or moldy foods. It’s the toxic cookware in your cabinet, which are the toxic fumes and chemicals into your food, which over a period of time can build up in your body, potentially damaging your health.

Indeed with the kind of lifestyle choices we make, health has taken a back seat. It is not until later, that we begin to realize the wisdom behind the words “Health is wealth”. As much cooking is an art, cooking is a science too. And, when it comes to science, can technology be anywhere else than the Kitchens J

Understanding the needs of the growing lifestyle there has been a shift by the makers of the busy Kitchens – Mothers, from Traditional Cookware to Modern Day Health Cookware range. An active segment, which has been growing in the Indian Markets.

Taking the control of our lives, the new age Mothers, like the Health cookware range controls the eating habits naturally, the healthy way. It’s the growing Cookware range, which not only supports Waterless but Oil Free Cooking. The healthiest option embracing Technology in Indian Kitchens.

Truly Cooking nutritional has now becomes an enjoyable and a hassle-free experience. It also ensures the long-term nutritional health of your child.

Increasing health consciousness among Mothers has also fuelled the growth, the demand, also supported by a fast paced lifestyle and need for convenience.

This Mothers Day lets Thank the Mothers who have embraced to a smarter Technology for Smarter and healthier life! A Mothers Love does go beyond the Spoon Set J

Vinod unveils its stylish Black Pearl range that will add zing to your kitchen

Kitchens of India are so much more than just for preparing a delicious meal. To add contemporary touch to the buzzing Indian kitchens, Vinod, one of India’s oldest kitchenware brand announces the launch of their world class hard anodized cookware range – Black Pearl, the shining black beauty which ensures durability and longer lifespan that tops your priority list with healthy non-toxic food!


The Black Pearl range includes a variety of products namely Saucepan, Saucepot, Handi, Deep Fry pan &Kadai upgrading one to ‘smart kitchen’. To compliment the everyday cooking it further includes Tawa, Tadka pan, All purpose pan, Cook & Serve pots paired with lids under the Black Pearl Umbrella. The whole new wide range of Black Pearl is built with supreme quality standards under a sealant electro – chemical process that strengthens the metal built, which has twice the hardness of most stainless steels, making it more durable.

The black beauty boasts hoasts of features. To start with it isstick resistant, which means that it naturally repels even the stickiest foods. Having longer lifespan than traditional cookware, it is virtually non – porous which means complete lack of pores which enables it to resist sticking, even if the food is over cooked or burned. Keeping the cooks happy, the stick-resistant surface is perfectly acceptable to Indian Homes, lending a longer life for the pans.

Next in line it is also Suitable for Different Heat Sources – TheHard-anodized surfaces are non-toxic and are resistant to heat up to the melting point of aluminum. Known for their even heat distribution, allowing the cooks to count on them to produce uniform results no matter what is being prepared.

Caring for Black Pearl is generally pretty straightforward. Soaking the pans in warm soapy water, and using a soft sponge or dish cloth to remove food residue. Abrasive pads or metal sponges can be used for burnt-on messes or tough stains — the surface is durable enough to withstand even harsh scrubbing!

Black Pearl @ Vinod has been crafted understanding the needs of Indian Kitchens – heavy and resistance to scratching, warping, and corrosion. The exclusive Black Pearl range also promises adroit cooking on all types of cooking mediums – be it induction cook top, gas stove or any other.


Commenting on the launch of the new Black Pearl range of cookware, Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Director of Vinod says, “Cooking delicious and sumptuous meals for the family is what one craves for. We at Vinod always strive to present the products that suit the modern lifestyle as well as aid in healthy cooking. This new range is a reiteration of our commitment to excellence”.


The 3 piece combo set of ‘Black Pearl’ range priced affordably at Rs. 2,500/- with 5 Years of guarantee, is a perfect gifting companion to every Indian Home.


About Vinod Cookware:

Established in 1986 – Vinod Cookware is the pioneer of ‘Sandwich bottom’ in the cookware industry. With more than 400 products across seven categories Vinod Cookware’s Pressure Cooker is the firms biggest success story.

The product range has expanded into state-of-the-art cooking technologies such as induction cooktops, non-stick cookware, hard anodised cookware and more.

Crafted with a complete understanding of the Indian kitchen and using premium quality stainless steel, Vinod’s products are an instant connect with home-makers of all ages. Besides, the company’s insistence on research and development gets for its products the edge of convenience and durability. The trust earned from the customers has also got the company many awards, one of the prized titles also being the ‘Best Expo House’

Always a step ahead in the now competitive Indian market, Vinod’s brand ambassador actor ‘SakshiTanwar’ has provided an ideal fit for its ideologies.


For further media information, contact:

Reema Chaurasia

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