How #StainlessSteel #Cookware, can change your life?

Stainless Steel Cooking, has been in the Industry and in our Kitchen for the longest. However, lack of right composition or Technology in its construction has brought limitations to its usage. There have been enough stories around, to convince the ‘not so happy experience’ with Stainless Steel Cooking.

Challenging those experiences, Vinod Cookware India’s fastest and Oldest Cookware Brand has introduced its revolutionary ‘TriPly Platinum Series’, which upskills the age-old methods to healthier and new age needs. Before, we begin the discussion on the new Vinod product launch briefly, let’s fathom; “How Stainless Steel cooking can change your life”.

Stainless Steel Cookware is not just a passing trend, or fad, but one of the recent eureka Moment Indian kitchens witnessed.  Not only, is Cookware more durable but is corrosion free and rust free. The new age multi-play construction enables excellent cooking performance which brings quick heat absorption and even heat distribution which means no food burning or sticking when in action. Last but not the least, the no food reactive, is also one of the safe product for acid foods, which means does not risk of leaching with harmful chemicals, keeping safety first. The SS Cookware literally guarantees generations to come.

Understanding the benefits of SS Cooking, Vinod Cookware with years of focussed research and innovation, introduces ‘Triply Platinum Series’. One of the first Make in India, Stainless Steel Cookware is made up of the finest Triple layered construction. Our Platinum Triply series cookware is a Stainless steel – Aluminium – Stainless Steel sandwiched technology cookware. The upper layer is 18/8 stainless steel food grade. The middle layer of aluminium evenly decapitate heat, and make sure there is no hot spot that would burn your food and saves up to 20% fuel and cooking time. Suiting all kinds of cooking techniques, the middle layer enables enhanced heat retention and transmission. And the bottom layer is SS 430 Magnetic stainless steel which makes it suitable for both gas stove and induction.

The Triple layered cookware provides fast and even cooking and most importantly doesn’t let the food stick to the bottom or burn. The exotic silver shine and a mirror glossy polish serves the purpose, not just for cooking but serving too, like we say ‘Cookware to Serve ware’. Designed to take minimum storage space, and easy to clean, the Vinod TriPly Platinum Series ranks on the must have cookware for your kitchen.

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