Best reasons to use stainless steel bottles over plastic ones

Today, the market is flooded with plastic containers and bottles for food storage. We prefer packaged drinking water, considering them the safest option but ignore the fact that most of them are stored in plastic bottles. We also use plastic bottles for storing water at home as well. But, due to lack of awareness about the harmful side of plastics we do more harm to ourselves. There is a high risk of harmful chemicals leaching especially if we store water in it.

Apart from being harmful to some extent for our body plastic bottles also harm our environment a lot, being non-degradable.

With more people now getting aware and due to environment responsibility, many brands have opted for alternate materials like Glass, copper or steel for water storage.
Stainless steel bottles are one of the best alternatives to plastic bottles. Here are some advantages of stainless-steel bottles over plastic bottles which will help you consider your choice:

1. Safe from BPA and other harmful chemicals: Stainless steel water bottles are made of culinary grade material and are free from harmful chemicals like BPA (BisphenolA) and other food contaminating chemicals. There is no risk of stainless-steel reacting with water and keeps if odor and contamination-free. Due to these properties, stainless steel bottles are safe in various medical conditions like pregnancy and are also safe to use by kids.

2. Safe for hot and cold storage: Stainless steel bottles provide better temperature regulation of water, keeping is warm or cold for a longer duration. It also keeps water fresh and does not impact its taste. Stainless steel bottles also do not retain the taste of various liquids stored. They are also mold and bacteria free keeping water safe to drink even when kept for a longer duration.

3. Eco-friendly and durable: Unlike plastic water bottle, stainless steel bottles are much durable and ecofriendly. While the plastic water bottles are non-degradable, they are toxic for soil and aquatic organisms as well and are one of the major pollutants. On the other hand, stainless steel water bottles can be easily recycled and reused without releasing harmful chemicals. Also, most of the plastic bottles are of single-use which are crushed and thrown away after use, increasing the threat to environment eve more.

Owing to above-mentioned advantages over plastic bottles, using Stainless steel water bottles not only helps to keep your health better but also helps in creating a better environment.

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