A Mindful Approach to Wellness At Home

Lamp eats darkness and produces [black] soot!
What food (quality) [one] eats daily, so will [one] produce.

To ensure good health, the onus nowadays has shifted from healthy eating to healthy ways of cooking. They rightly say that the awareness and acknowledgement of a single possibility can change everything. As the world becomes a global community, awareness seeps in that not only eating should be right but our ways to cook should be right. Modern medicine has been conducting serious research which indicates the dangers of modern cookware. The nickel and chromium seeps from aluminum and stainless steel vessels into the food adulterating and changing the chemical composition.

This brings in a niggling doubt that is the food we are eating altered during the cooking process such that it is detrimental to triggering Alzheimer and related health issues.

Zero chemicals and a mineral boost is what you need from modern cookware, addressing this growing demand is a range of cookware which is upmarket and upscale.

Our new range of cookware namely Triply Cookware is fabricated/assembled/composed of 3 layers.


The inner focal layer — the core that comes in exposure with the food is made up of 18/8 stainless steel- high grade stainless steel.

The second, subsidiary level composed of aluminum which helps in equidistribution of life ensuring that food does not burn, stick to the pan.

The third, final layer comprising of 430 magnetic steel is the icing on the cake — it makes the cookware induction friendly. Induction cooking is the need of the hour with more and more people opting for this contemporary style of cooking.


The logic of launching a well-researched product like this is consumer behavior. The harmful effects of aluminum always play on the consumer’s mind. At the same time it is cumbersome to cook with steel as people have biased notion that food particles tend to stick to steel.

The solution lay in launching healthy cookware options made with right technology which not only making cooking a smooth process but also doesn’t become a source of worry.


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