Vinod unveils its stylish Black Pearl range that will add zing to your kitchen

Kitchens of India are so much more than just for preparing a delicious meal. To add contemporary touch to the buzzing Indian kitchens, Vinod, one of India’s oldest kitchenware brand announces the launch of their world class hard anodized cookware range – Black Pearl, the shining black beauty which ensures durability and longer lifespan that tops your priority list with healthy non-toxic food!


The Black Pearl range includes a variety of products namely Saucepan, Saucepot, Handi, Deep Fry pan &Kadai upgrading one to ‘smart kitchen’. To compliment the everyday cooking it further includes Tawa, Tadka pan, All purpose pan, Cook & Serve pots paired with lids under the Black Pearl Umbrella. The whole new wide range of Black Pearl is built with supreme quality standards under a sealant electro – chemical process that strengthens the metal built, which has twice the hardness of most stainless steels, making it more durable.

The black beauty boasts hoasts of features. To start with it isstick resistant, which means that it naturally repels even the stickiest foods. Having longer lifespan than traditional cookware, it is virtually non – porous which means complete lack of pores which enables it to resist sticking, even if the food is over cooked or burned. Keeping the cooks happy, the stick-resistant surface is perfectly acceptable to Indian Homes, lending a longer life for the pans.

Next in line it is also Suitable for Different Heat Sources – TheHard-anodized surfaces are non-toxic and are resistant to heat up to the melting point of aluminum. Known for their even heat distribution, allowing the cooks to count on them to produce uniform results no matter what is being prepared.

Caring for Black Pearl is generally pretty straightforward. Soaking the pans in warm soapy water, and using a soft sponge or dish cloth to remove food residue. Abrasive pads or metal sponges can be used for burnt-on messes or tough stains — the surface is durable enough to withstand even harsh scrubbing!

Black Pearl @ Vinod has been crafted understanding the needs of Indian Kitchens – heavy and resistance to scratching, warping, and corrosion. The exclusive Black Pearl range also promises adroit cooking on all types of cooking mediums – be it induction cook top, gas stove or any other.


Commenting on the launch of the new Black Pearl range of cookware, Mr. Sunil Agarwal, Director of Vinod says, “Cooking delicious and sumptuous meals for the family is what one craves for. We at Vinod always strive to present the products that suit the modern lifestyle as well as aid in healthy cooking. This new range is a reiteration of our commitment to excellence”.


The 3 piece combo set of ‘Black Pearl’ range priced affordably at Rs. 2,500/- with 5 Years of guarantee, is a perfect gifting companion to every Indian Home.


About Vinod Cookware:

Established in 1986 – Vinod Cookware is the pioneer of ‘Sandwich bottom’ in the cookware industry. With more than 400 products across seven categories Vinod Cookware’s Pressure Cooker is the firms biggest success story.

The product range has expanded into state-of-the-art cooking technologies such as induction cooktops, non-stick cookware, hard anodised cookware and more.

Crafted with a complete understanding of the Indian kitchen and using premium quality stainless steel, Vinod’s products are an instant connect with home-makers of all ages. Besides, the company’s insistence on research and development gets for its products the edge of convenience and durability. The trust earned from the customers has also got the company many awards, one of the prized titles also being the ‘Best Expo House’

Always a step ahead in the now competitive Indian market, Vinod’s brand ambassador actor ‘SakshiTanwar’ has provided an ideal fit for its ideologies.


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