Aam ki Launji a small quick Panjabi dish recipe

It just takes 11 minutes in total for making this recipe for a small family


1 cup peeled raw mango cubes
2 tsp. oil
1/2 fennel seeds (saunf)
1/4 tsp. nigella seeds (kalonji)
1 tbsps. Coriander (dhania) powder
1 tsp. chilli powder
1/4 tsp. turmeric powder (haldi)
1/4 cup sugar
salt to taste


  1. Heat the oil in a non-stick pan; add the fennel seeds and nigella seeds and sauté on a medium flame for a few seconds.
  2. Add the raw mango cubes, mix it well and cook for 3 minutes, keep stirring it when needed.
  3. Add ¼ cup of water, coriander powder, chilli powder, turmeric powder, sugar and salt mix it well and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Allow the launji to cool completely.

Served the dish once it’s cooled.



Choose the right Non-stick Cookware for your kitchen

Choosing the right and best non-stick cookware set as it can be confusing because there are so many brands offering same product.  At times it becomes difficult to choose what is best for you and your family.  The material from which non-stick cookware have are metals, coatings, stainless steel, PFOA, anodized aluminium, copper, titanium, Teflon.  This article will help you to select the best non-stick cookware you can use.

Before you buy a cookware there are various things you need to look for:

  • Check the handles to make sure they are secure
  • Look for a name you know and can trust
  • Make sure its dishwasher safe
  • Make sure that the product has heavy weight and its strong
  • Check properly to see if it’s been tested.


Some of the amazing benefits your non-stick cookware offers

While you prepare your favorite meal using non-stick cookware set which gives you easy handling and managing features here are few benefits. Research and compare with the various brands offering the same product.

You can make various food preparations in non stick cookware container those are commonly used in a kitchen. The non-stick cookware set consists of cooking vessels, like; saucepans and frying pans etc. generally to use on a stove or range cook top.

The non-stick cookware set contains the necessary kitchenware you’ll need for everyday use.

Here are few pros:

Great quality for price as it is easy to clean

Lightweight but sturdy construction

Stylish and efficient

Non-stick surface is effective

Make informative decisions of the products you needed. You can buy the non-stick cookware singularly or in sets. It is always more economical to buy the entire set. vinod-cookware-set

Go through the tips before using your non-stick pressure pan

  1. Always read your manual, thoroughly if you are the first time user of the non-stick cookware set. The non-stick cookware set includes non-stick pressure pan and much other non-stick cooking equipment.
  2. Make sure you do plenty of research about the product you want to buy
  3. Do not use hard scrub for cleaning your non-stick pressure pan.
  4. There are lot of people who are brand conscious and rush to buy the newest kitchen accessories that is available to the public select the right brand.
  5. Do side by side comparisons with the products. It gives you a better understanding of which non stick pressure pan is good to use and eco-friendly at the same time.

If you are making a purchase thorough online portals make sure when you receive shipments of our items, inspect your non-stick pan for defects and damages.



Why opt for Stainless Steel Pressure cooker?

When it comes to cooking, households always prefer using stainless steel cookware, designed to last longer and look stunning even after being used for years together. So when it comes to buying a pressure cooker, it is obvious that a stainless steel make would be more advisable. Knowing the same let’s understand, the top reasons for buying the stainless Steel Pressure Cooker –


  • Durability: Made with high quality materials, stainless steel pressure cookers are durable, last longer and are highly dependable than aluminium pressure cookers.
  • Heavy weight: Stainless steel offers more resistant and is sturdier and heavy as compared to regular pressure cookers. So you need not worry about dents or bents even after prolonged usage.
  • Lustrous Look: Stainless Steel pressure cookers come with a lustrous sheen that lasts for years together, and also give you the flexibility to cook and serve in the same utensil.
  • Thicker Bottom: This type of cooker comes with a thicker bottom offering you a sturdier and easy to use option.
  • Cooks all types of Food: Stainless steel does not react to any food material, so you can easily cook foods that are acidic in nature without worrying about reactions to your family or your cookware.
  • Easy to maintain: Being resistant to scratches and pits, you can clean this pressure cooker with utmost ease. You can also use metal or heavy duty cleaning sponges to wash this type of cooker.
  • Works on various mediums: Having a flat bottom, you can use your stainless steel pressure cooker for both induction based as well as gas cooktops.


Pressure cookers with sandwich bottom that has a layer of aluminium sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel is the most suited for Indian Cooking. VinodCookware, the pioneers of Sandwich bottom has a range of Pressure Cookers, exclusively on their Web Portal: www.vinodcookware.com So grab now and give a whole new makeover to your kitchen with Vinod.

This Mother’s Day – Surprise your mom with 3 Quick and Tasty Recipes!

A fancy breakfast, easy lunch and chocolatey dessert to finish the day are all you’ll need this Sunday, 8th of May.
Your mother deserves the best all year through, but you can make this Mother’s Day just a bit special by surprising her with these 3 easy recipes. So get into the kitchen and whip up these dishes to remind your mom that although you’ve grown up, you’re still a mama’s child!
1) Eggies in a Basket


Use a round cookie cutter or bottle cap to cut a hole in a slice of bread. Place the slice on a hot non-stick pan. Put in a blob of butter in the hole and gently crack an egg into it. Season the egg with salt and pepper. Cook the egg your mother likes, half-fried or fully fried. Serve with a cup of tea and bunch of flowers and you’ll have her smiling like never before

2) Roast Lunch


If she loves chicken, then take some medium sized chicken pieces from your local butcher. Cut the vegetables into medium sized pieces. Toss all of these in a mix of 2 teaspoons garam masala (or any other spice mix like dukkah or za’atar), 2 teaspoon chilli powder, 1 teaspoon ginger-garlic paste and one salt. Place on top of a grill pan and cook till all of them are cooked through.
Serve these homemade tikkas with rumali roti or parathas. Your mom will love the fact that she didn’t have to worry about a weekend lunch.
3) Chocolate cupcakes


Take one cup wheat flour, three-fourth cup cocoa powder, four tablespoons brown sugar, two teaspoons baking powder and one teaspoon cinnamon in a bowl. In another bowl, whisk together one cup buttermilk, one egg and one teaspoon vanilla essence. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ones and mix together to form a smooth batter. Add a generous amount of chocolate chips and mix. Pour the batter in cupcake moulds and bake in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees

When baked and cooled, top the cupcakes with chocolate icing or molten chocolate. Even if you skip this step your mother will love the choco chips inside the cupcakes.

This will be the sweetest end to this Mother’s Day. With these 3 easy recipes, you’ll have your mother happy and smiling all day through. Isn’t that the whole point of Mother’s Day anyways?

Courtesy: India Today

Valentines Gift Ideas for HER from #VinodCookware

This year let’s think something unusual and unique  that fits her personal style and taste, or lets her express herself. So if cooking is her forte and experimenting with dishes is her passion, than nothing works better than gifting Vinod Cookware to the homemaker. So here are few gifting options for your better half

Zest Superb Plus:

ZEST Superb+ 2 pc combo- OrangePrice: Rs. 1690/-

It’s time for you to zest up her kitchenette with Vinod Zest Superb plus, designed with vibrant green and orange that adds a zing to her scullery. Additional to this, the ergonomic design and stylish features not only offers a superior cooking experience but also looks great on your kitchen dais while she satiates your foodie cravings!

Zest Marbilo:

Vinod Cookware_Marbilo Non Stick Tawa Starting at the price range of Rs. 500/- to 1000/-

Let’s give the monotonous Cooking a break, while you plan to surprise her with the revolutionary cookware – Vinod Zest Marbilo. The 5 layered marble coated cookware, suits every kitchen needs, while fastening the cooking experience at the same time. So now let her take the seat back, while she wins over her routine in jiffy!

A perfect gifting option for the discerning woman’s taste!

For the love of Rice – 10 recipes that you should enjoy!

Rice is a staple diet for most of India. One of the most versatile ingredient, it can be cooked as an entree, mains or a desert! Did you know that there are more than 40,000 varieties of rice? In many cultures, rice is considered to be an auspicious symbol of life and fertility. How many experiments have you done with this chefs’ favorite friend?

If not, it’s never too late! We bring to you a selection of 10 best rice recipes from our kitty.

1. Murgh Koftey Ki Biryani

1Koftas made with spiced chicken and cooked with basamati rice to make a fragrant biryani. Served with a saffron scented, garlic raita to compliment the flavours. A true blue Awadhi dish best suited for a regal feast!

2. Handi Biryani


Slow cooked rice with layers of vegetables, a variety of masalas and chicken. A beautiful melange that is sure to win many hearts at the dinner table.

3. Garlic and Egg Fried Rice


A fast and flavour-packed recipe to ward off those untimely hunger pangs! Rice tossed with the goodness of egg, the burst of garlic and a few oriental flavours.

4. Three Layered Rice


Dig deep into layers of rice, the crunch of the aloo lachchas, fleecy paneer and the tang of tomatoes. All these, topped with some rustic spices, together create an explosion of flavors for your taste buds.

5. Kashmiri Chicken Pulao


An aromatic chicken pulao bursting with deep flavors of warm whole spices, Kashmiri chillies, sweet raisins and desi ghee.

6. Zaffarani Pulao


A sweet preparation made with Basmati rice, nuts, saffron, milk and cream.

7. Brown Basmati Rice Pilaf


For the diet conscious, a healthy recipe with brown rice, olive oil, broccoli and plums. A pilaf is a a Middle Eastern dish in which the rice is cooked in a seasoned broth (stock).

8. Mutton Biryani


A wintery delight, mutton chunks layered with saffron induced rice and cooked dum style.

9. Mushroom Risotto

9Divya Burman brings to you a steaming plateful of buttery mushroom risotto.

10. Scheherazade Biryani


Traditional Iranian style biryani layered with marinated fish and fried onions. Topped with raisins and cashews. The aroma of rose water will leave you wanting more.

5 Indian Recipes to Spice up Your Winter

As the weather gets colder, we’re busy creating hot Indian dishes to keep Londoners and visitors going – so here are a few of our favourite Indian recipes to spice up your winter.
1. Indian Winter Soup
There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of soup to fuel your day, and Indian winter soup is an exotic change to your usual tin of Heinz. High in fibre and low in fat, Indian winter soup is a fragrant vegan recipe that traditionally combines lentils, tomatoes, butternut squash, onion and garlic with mustard seeds, chillies and cinnamon.
2. Lotus Root Salad
It might not sound like a winter warmer, but lotus root salad is the perfect pick-me-up, containing everything you need to fight off a seasonal cold. Lotus root is traditionally used in Chinese medicine, as it is believed to restore balance to the body. Snow peas, red onion and coriander are high in vitamin C – essential for recovering from a cold – and there’s a good reason why pomegranate is called a ‘superfood’: it’s packed with multivitamins and antioxidants.
3. Adrakhi Gosht
The hit of fresh ginger is especially welcome on a chilly evening, heating up your palette.  Adrakhi Gosht is made with English lamb and a ginger infusion. Enjoy with a warming glass of rouge for true winter indulgence.
4. Masala Chai
There’s nothing like an aromatic cup of spiced Indian tea to start your morning. Believed to strengthen the immune system, masala chai can fight colds and flu and keep infections at bay.
5. Spiced Sweet Potato
Available in abundance at winter, sweet potato is a popular Asian street food over the colder months. Try making spicy sweet potato wedges for a healthy snack, or try Chakra’s Sweet Potato and Okra to enjoy this traditional delicacy.
Make the most of winter with this ‘hot’ and ‘spicy’ food items. If you have any recipes or food items that you make during winter to fight with cold. Do let us know in the comments below 🙂 We are all ears!

8 Traditional Indian Winter Recipes

Winter is the season in which you can give your taste buds a good treat. Indian winter dishes are not only tasty  but are also beneficial for overall health. These food keep you warm and strengthen immunity.

Sometimes mineral deficiency is caused due to winters which can be supplemented with proper diet. There are some winter foods like Gajar Ka Halwa(Carrot Halwa) and Makke Di Roti and Sarson da Saag which have many nutritional properties.

Here are 8 traditional Indian winter recipes that you must try:-

1. Gajar Ka Halwa:


Gajar Ka Halwa is one of the most famous winter dish. It is an all-time favorite dessert of India. It is a must have sweet during chilly winters. This sweet is prepared with ghee (clarified butter). It is filled with dry fruits and tastes really good in winter season as fresh, sweet carrots are available.Carrots help in regulating blood sugar and are rich in dietary fibre. Ghee helps in enhancing the physical and mental health. Ghee provides the body warmth and the dry fruits combat colds.

2. Sarson Da Saag and Makke Di Roti:  

Sarso ka ssag

This is a traditional winter dish, very popular in Punjab. It is best consumed with makke ki roti, jaggery and butter. Sarson Da Saag is filled with nutrients. Sarson is enriched with protein and iron. It is also anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant, making it an essential part of diet.

3. Spicy Sweet Potatoes:


Sweet potatoes are available in large amounts in winter season. It is consumed in many forms. Some roast it, some boil it and spice it. Most people like to cook it with spices and then consume it with roti (also known as chapati). Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

4. Gaund ke laddoo:


It is made of edible gum that is easily available and got from the bark of a tree. Gaund provides warmth in the body and also fights winter chills. These laddoos are made with ghee which is very beneficial in limited amounts. This special winter dish is best consumed with a glass of milk.

5. Rogan Josh:

rogan josh

This is a Kashmiri dish that is stuffed with dry fruits and nuts. The fiery spices add to the warmth provided by this dish to the body. The mutton used in the dish is cooked perfectly in spices that are traditional. Rogan Josh is a traditional dish that is delicious and hot and protects the body from cold.

6. Paya Shorba:


Paya Shorba is a soup which is prepared with hoof or trotters of a cow, lamb or goat. The shorba is prepared with spices that make it delicious. This delicious dish is filled with nutrition and is very good for winters as it generates heat in the body.

7. Undhiyu:undhiyu

This Gujarati dish is a specialty that’s made with papdi (a vegetable). A fiery veg dry stew is made using papdi and other vegetables like sweet potatoes, brinjals, peas etc. These vegetables are tossed with heat generating spices. The dish can be consumed with puris or methi muthiyas(a traditional dish).

8. Rasam:  


Rasam is a very popular South-Indian dish. Rasam contains red lentis, which are rich in fiber, antioxidants and proteins. This soupy dish is spicy and contains traditional masalas like turmeric and other spices. Besides that it contains some vegetables. It can be consumed as a whole meal. If you drink a bowl of rasam, it will help you bear the winter evenings more easily.


We have listed best 8 recipes that you can’t miss out on. If you have some Delicious and yummylicious recipes to share.  Leave them in comments below 🙂